A Round Of Applause

“ I always thought I was a pretty good communicator and that I was clear when requesting my team to handle certain projects. After participation in classes with Marissa, I learned new ways on how to insure I was clear and how to define my expectations. I have enhanced my communication 5 fold! I find that my team is now delivering my expectations that exceeds my request”.


Kim Payne, RN

Director of Patient Support Center

Healthcare Partners


What was wonderful about Marisa as a mentor was that she seemed to know what I was capable of long before I did and she operated as if this future she envisioned for me was already a reality. She’s a master at reading people, tapping into their potential and taking them to new levels of performance and I was lucky enough to have had access to her unique talent. She pushed me professionally in the best possible way and the results for both me and our organization were remarkable. I was truly happiest and most gratified in my work when I stretched myself – at Marisa’s prompting - beyond my self-drawn boundaries. I never ended a conversation with Marisa without being fired up and fully inspired to make something great happen.


Nancy Calkins

Director of Training for the Pointe Resorts

Hilton Hotels Corporation


To Whom It May Concern:


I have had the great pleasure and good fortune to take the Manager's University

course taught by Ms. Marisa Stafford. I have been a Regional Medical Director

for HealthCare Partners, a large multi-specialty medical group in Southern

California, for over 30 years. When I was offered to take the course I was unsure

what I could learn that 30 years of leadership experience hadn't already taught

me. Well, to my surprise the answer was: "A lot!"


The course is broken down into modules each dealing with a different leadership

skill. There is lot of interactive teaching and Ms. Stafford does an exceptional job of introducing, explaining and mentoring these leadership techniques. I came away with a powerful set of tools that have enhanced my ability to lead. My only regret is that I had not been apprenticed to her sooner.




Robert A. Blackman, MD

Regional Medical Director




I want to express my sincere gratitude for the amazing class you taught.


Because of Manager’s University course, I am much more effective as a lead physician. The skills are powerful. They are so well structured and well taught. Having put some of the skills in real practice at my clinic, I see a positive outcome in terms of improvement of practice style and certain behaviors, and also I see a greater buy-in from the clinicians on performance requirements. I’m so happy to see such results which I had so longed for, and in a positive way I feel empowered as a lead.


I should’ve taken this course years ago.


Thank you again.


Daniel Chan

Lead Clinician

HealthCare Partners


As a 47 year old female with 20 years experience managing others, I was skeptical when first discovering my company wanted me and every other manager to attend a set of courses called “Manager’s University.” I’ve always felt that I was a good and fair manager. I doubted that I would learn new perspectives or tools and wondered whether or not the “step-by-step” approach would fit all the situations I would experience as a manager. After practicing and hearing the experiences of my colleagues throughout the sessions, I am a convert! The processes I’ve learned have simplified and improved the effectiveness of my expectation-setting, training, coaching and even constructive feedback interactions with my team. I highly recommend Marisa for her training, coaching and interpersonal expertise with respect to educating managers. It turns out that you can teach an old dog a new trick or two.


Sue Erickson

HealthCare Partners

Director, HCC Programs



I am a relatively new manager in the health care field. I've studied management in school, but it really does not prepare you for what life throws at you. I participated in the Manager's University program. I truly feel that I learned new skills from the interactive format. The certification portion of the class was the most valuable. Over the last several months I've been able to use the new skills and have seen much better results from the conversations with my staff.

I highly recommend this course for any manager who is open to improving their effectiveness despite their years of experience.


Sean Foster

Site Administrator

HealthCare Partners

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